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Feng Shui


Astro Rocks Pouch






Astro Rocks Display



Astro Rocks expand upon the concept of birth stones with four different tumbled gemstones chosen for each of the 12 zodiac signs. The four stones come in a brightly colored drawstring pouch.

The stones possess energies that are compatible with the characteristics of the individual sun sign. For example, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Green Fluorite, and Lapis are suitable for Sagittarius.

An information card is included that explains the properties of the stones and how to use them to aid meditation, healing and personal growth.

These make perfect birthday gifts, favors or Holiday stocking stuffers!

Laminated Information Cards on Ring  

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Harmony Rocks Pouch


Harmony Rocks come in a beautiful pastel organza bag with sparkly embellishments. The four semi-precious stones are chosen for their innate properties promoting harmony and well being.

An information card suggests ways to use Harmony Rocks, identifies the stones and gives the metaphysical properties. The stones can be used for meditation, in the bath or as a pocket totem. 

The small size makes these the perfect add-on sale item!

Harmony Rocks for Love, Balance, Grounding, Peace  
Harmony Rocks Display Basket  



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Rabbit - Click to view insert

Rabbit stones: Amazonite, Sunstone, Jade, Citrine

Swiveling Acrylic Display Stand










Chinese Astrology Stones come in a gold organza pouch with four semi-precious stones.  Four tumbled stones are chosen specifically for each of the 12 Chinese animal signs to promote awareness, to aid in self acceptance, and to provide insight.

For example the "Sensitive" Rabbit's pouch contains Citrine, Sunstone, Amazonite and Jade.  An information card describes characteristics of the animal sign,  metaphysical properties of the stones, how to identify and use them and a list of compatible animal signs.

These make perfect
gifts for Chinese New Year, birthdays or Holiday stocking stuffers!


Laminated Date Card - Click for larger view  

Chinese Astrology is a lunar based system with one of 12 animal signs assigned for your birth year. Each sign is a balanced mixture of positive and negative attributes.

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Feng Shui Stones Pouch


These eight Feng Shui Stones create good vibes in your home, workspace or life. Each particular semi-precious stone corresponds to one of the eight life stations that house the creative energies in our lives. Proper placement of the stones will enhance the flow of positive energy or chi.

Eight tumbled stones come in a brilliant red pouch with gold Chinese symbols for long life. Included in the information card is an eight sided ba-gua map for placing stones and information on how to use them.

Feng Shui Stones Display Basket  

Feng Shui Stones make a perfect gift for new home owners, a creative hostess gift, gifts for Feng Shui teachers and practitioners.


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